About Our Studio

About Us

Our Mission

What has evolved is a mission not based on a future objective, but rather the passions of the community drawn to The Barn. We strive to create an environment where the complexities of today are simplified back to the basics that our bodies call for—to build a balance of fitness and nutrition in an environment that encourages both.

The Space


The main level of The Barn has a full kitchen, a table that comfortably seats eight, a sitting area that seats eight to ten and a 3/4 bath. Our upper level can function as our fitness studio, or a reception room (please see "Host Your Own Event" for more information). It also has a 1/2 bath and a small lofted area that overlooks the space.

Host Your Own Event

We love a good party! Birthday parties, showers, ladies night out and all celebrating in between, The Barn offers a unique and inviting ambiance that is perfect for gathering with those you love. If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact Anna at anna@yellowbarnwellness.com. We look forward to helping you create a celebration that everyone will remember!

The Staff

Amy Peterson:

It only seemed fitting Amy was drawn to The Barn, as she grew up on a small hobby farm 70 miles west of St. Paul. Amy completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training last November, and since then has continued her studies. She is currently completing her 500 hour RYT certification and will soon be able to call herself an Ayurvedic Specialist! From a young age Amy was interested in health and wellness and during a stressful time in her life found yoga to be incredibly inspiring and healing. Self care rings high in her book as she believes taking care of oneself in mind, body, and spirit is the foundation to a happy and healthy life. Amy will be teaching beginner vinyasa classes at the Barn, and is excited to share the ancient practice of yoga with the Yellow Barn community – because, truly, yoga has something to offer to everyone.

Anna Decker: Barn Coordinator

Anna is the Barn coordinator and Tom and Deb’s daughter. Her role is to answer any questions you have about The Barn and to turn your feeback into action. She looks forward to hearing from you. A little more about Anna… Her passion for health and wellness is deeply rooted in her role as a mother. Like so many parents after the birth of a first child, she found she had many questions and concerns regarding almost every aspect of her daughter’s well-being. From nourishment to vaccinations, and everything in between, Anna did a lot of research and asking questions. Doctors (both traditional and holistic approaches), nutritionists, chiropractors, medical journals, books, and other informed mothers all became great resources for her. The more Anna learned, the more questions arose. Her husband used to jokingly ask, “Did you find the end of the internet?” as she would sit on her computer soaking in all of the information she could get. While Anna did not manage to find the end of the internet, she did become an absolute believer in the power of food, and its ability to both harm and heal. Her desire to raise healthy children expanded to raising a healthy FAMILY, and she has never felt better and never looked back. Anna still has plenty to learn and looks forward much of the education happening at The Barn. Anna's hope is that her journey can extend beyond a personal experience and become a community experience! Join her, will you?



Brigitte Koepke:

Brigitte has her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Minnesota and is 200-hour ERYT certified with the Yoga Alliance.  Meant to move, she can be found riding around on her pink bicycle, dancing around the Twin Cities, and managing Fusion Yoga. She came to yoga to find a blissful state of being, moving her body in meditation, breathing and dancing through her asana practice. Brigitte is honored to share her passion, and believes in the power of yoga to understand and access the mind and body. She guides her yoga classes in a manner that challenges all dimensions of a person and encourages self expression through the asana practice. She is also excited to be teaching beginning dance classes to the young ones at the barn - a great space to facilitate coordination, creativity and exploration.

Deb Fee: Barn Founder and Yogi

Deb is co-owner of The Barn, alongside her husband and dream supporter, Tom. She wants their space to be a place of inspiration, learning and challenge—a place of welcoming gentleness and compassion to all who enter. Deb's yoga love story began on a beach in Mexico, and she hoped it would have the same calming affect when she returned home to a cold and snowy Minnesota winter. Deb happily discovered the passion wasn't weather dependent and pursued her curiosity and practice. This past spring, she completed her 200 hour teacher training at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts, and Deb is inspired to continue to learn and teach. She finds yoga a wonderful addition in her desire to grow and be all she can be as a: daughter, sister, wife, mother of four grown children, mother-in-law, "Babs" to 3 amazingly sweet grandchildren, friend, mentor, teacher and a woman of faith. Deb looks forward to sharing this place with all yogis, especially the late comers to yoga, such as herself!


Jessica Fee: Barn Personal, Group and Pilates Trainer

Jessica has worked in the health industry for almost four years. She was drawn in that direction after personally experiencing how becoming health conscious truly improved her life—she wants to share this with as many people as possible. The Barn's uniquely private and inviting environment creates the perfect place for Jessica to share her passion for teaching Pilates and functional fitness. National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer. TRX Certified. Pilates Instructor as an Intern.


Katie Jasper: Barn Yogi and Nutritionist

Katie Jasper comes to The Barn with a complete love of what it represents. A place for community and to connect the mind, body and spirit. Katie's life up until now has been preparing her for the present. Owning a Functional Nutrition business and teaching yoga - a couple of her life's loves! Each day presents a new lesson, new opportunity and new way to practice, think and feel. She holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Studies and is a certified in Integrative Nutrition. Katie will be teaching a variety of yoga classes at Yellow Barn as well has holding nutrition and wellness workshops and events there! She can't wait to meet you. Other loves: Her husband Matt, dog Max, and cats, Biscuit and Boots. Katie loves to travel and learn. Get her on a beach with a Julia Ross or Dr. Emmons book and she's in heaven!



Laura Burkey:

Laura Burkey is a Master Certified Coach with 17 years of experience in the field of Interpersonal Communications and Success Psychology. Through her coaching practice she works with individuals, private groups and couples to replace ineffective thinking and behaviors with practices that strengthen and condition a person's beliefs and thought patterns so that they can take consistently smarter, more efficient actions in their life (and toward their goals). Laura offers private and group coaching, custom workshops, speaking, and couples communication coaching. For more information, visit www.lauraburkeycoaching.com

Lisa Given:

Lisa is so excited to be teaching at Yellow Barn Wellness. She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 14 years teaching group fitness classes. She's taught formats that range from stand up paddle boarding, kickboxing, cardio boot camp, core and strength....recently adding Yoga Sculpt and BarreAmped !! She can also be seen in fitness videos for Fitness on Request. She is a firm believer to try it ALL when it comes to fitness!! Its important to keep your body guessing by challenging your muscle and mind by incorporating all avenues of fitness...that is when you will see results! Lisa has also been singing and dancing for years in professional musical theater productions. Locally she's done numerous shows at The Chanhassen Dinner Theater and The Ordway Center. She has also traveled the world touring with the musicals Cabaret and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat. She was also a performer on Holland America and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Another passion for Lisa is Stand Up Paddle Boarding ( SUP ), she owns Twin Cities Paddle Board with her husband Jeff. They rent and sell boards along with teaching SUP Fitness class..Paddle Board Boot Camp and Yoga/Paddle Conditioning. Lisa would like to thank Anna Decker, Deb and Tom Fee for creating Yellow Barn Wellness. She's looking forward to seeing you at the Barn!!

Olive: Barn Loyal Companion

Oilve is a Saint Berdoodle and an integral part of The Barn team. She may be just a puppy, but she is an old soul and a great listener. If you need consoling or companionship, Olive is your girl!


As a mother of two young girls, Rachel's yoga practice has grown and changed in many ways since it began 12 years ago. What started as a mainly physical practice, has now evolved to be so much more. Rachel completed her 200-RYT in 2008, and has additional training in prenatal and kids yoga. Rachel works as a physical therapist and is also a certified athletic trainer. Rachel and her husband, Luke, live in Eagan with their two daughters and love to be active outdoors. From marathons and triathlons, to being out on the water with her paddleboard, Rachel is always up for a challenge!

Sarah Dutton:

Summer Joy Hills-Bonczyk:

Summer Joy Hills-Bonczyk is a 200 hour certified Kripalu yoga teacher, a practicing visual artist, meditator, dancer, JourneyDance teacher and a former college athlete. She finds joy and meaning in creative expression of all kinds. Through inventive and compassionate teaching with a mixture of philosophy, anatomy, athleticism and poetry, Summer’s classes leave students feeling stronger and healthier with a greater sense of ease and vitality. Summer says that when she found yoga, it felt like coming home. Through teaching, personal practice and weaving yoga and meditation into her visual art practice, she cultivates a deep sense of connectedness to the universal intelligence and the wisdom of the body, breath, and true self.



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Beginners Dance Classes

Session 1: September 12th- October 17th

Ages: walkers through three year olds. Let's move to music in The Barn!! Bring your little ones in for 45 minutes of moving to the music. There will also be some stretching and free-dance playtime, all while increasing coordination and having a blast.
The children should wear something they can move in comfortably. Moms and siblings are welcome to watch, hangout in the living room below, or play outside. Drop-ins welcome!

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Full Body Conditioning

12 dollars on your own and 10 dollars when you bring a friend! Join us for a full body conditioning challenge as group fitness instructor, Lisa Given, makes us sweat for those fitness results we've always hoped for. You can expect 60 minutes of fun, high intensity cardio drills and resistance training.

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Happy Hour Yoga

Join us for a rinsing-and-twisting-the-day-away class. Come connect your breath to your movement as we flow through beautiful Vinyasa style yoga. Our room will be kept at a comfortable temperature (approximately 75 degrees), and wonderful music will be playing to motivate and inspire you. This class is open to all levels, and modifications will be provided for beginners. Expect a "real" savasana (5 minutes), and great conversation after class for all those who can stay and connect with their instructors and peers. All classes are pay at the door. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

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Journey Dance

Journey Dance is a movement class that will deepen your body awareness and personal power, bring freedom and fitness to your body, inspire your creativity, and support your emotional and spiritual health. Summer plays a fun and mindful mix of deep house music, classic soul, afro-Caribbean and world beats. Summer will guide you through a sequence of flowing choreographies, creative movement imagery and freestyle dance that will leave you feeling connected and free in your body. Wear comfortable clothes for movement, bring a water bottle and a journal if you have one. This class requires no dance or yoga experience.

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Pre-turkey Burn Full Body Conditioning

Ready to burn off Thanksgiving dinner before you even eat it?! Wednesday the 21st we are going to have an hour long Full Body Conditioning with a happy hour after for anyone who wants to stay and have complimentary refreshments. Bring tennis shoes, a yoga mat (if you have one), and a water bottle, and get ready for a fantastic and fun workout with the wonderful Lisa Given!

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Restorative Yoga

Our gentle restorative yoga is both healing and thereputic, making it wonderful for anyone experiencing pain from injury or stressful life transitions. Props will be provided to all students to aid reaching total relaxation in each pose. This yoga is for all levels. Rather than charging, Deb Fee (co-owner) would rather you donate whatever feels right for you.

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Salsa, Salsa!

Join us for a saucy late afternoon of culinary treats, while you move your feet! The dance floor meets the culinary classroom in this unique blend of salsa dance lessons (no experience required) and a hands-on cooking class (again, no experience required).

The class will begin with dipping your chip into one of four chef tested salsa recipes which you will learn to make during the cooking portion of the class. Then you will dip your partner as we move into an introduction to basic salsa dance techniques. All participants will receive a: one-hour cooking class, a jar of homemade salsa to take home, a demo and tasting of a "perfect margarita, a one-hour dance lesson, snacks throughout class and a unique social experience.

Couples and singles are welcome! This workshop is $30 per person.

The food made and served is vegan and gluten free.

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Slow Flow-Beginner's Yoga

This class is perfect for those that are new to yoga or have limited experience. Each yoga posture will be cued from the ground up, focusing on foundation and proper alignment, in addition to developing that body/breath connection. More importantly, this class will be fun! A smile and willing spirit is all that’s needed here! Please bring a mat (The Barn has extra mats if you don't have your own) and water and remember to wear clothing that you will feel comfortable moving in.

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Sunday Sunset Yoga

Join us as we connect our breath and movement and flow together in the dimly lit barn. This is an intermediate level, vinyasa yoga that is heated to approximately 78 degrees. We hope you enjoy inspiring music and a "real" shavasana (4-5 minutes). You are welcome to stay after class as we enjoy refreshments and great conversation downstairs. We think this is the perfect way to end a weekend and begin a new week!

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Sunrise Flow Yoga

Join us for a beautiful sunrise slow flow class. Come connect your breath to your movement as we flow through beautiful Vinyasa style yoga. Our room will be kept at a comfortable temperature, and wonderful music will be playing to motivate and inspire you. This class is open to all levels, and modifications will be provided for beginners. Expect a "real" savasana (5 minutes), and great conversation after class for all those who can stay and connect with their instructors and peers. All classes are pay at the door. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

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Sunset Yoga with LIVE music

Join us for a magical class yoga class as we flow to live music by Shahar Eberzon. The barn will be dimly lit by lanterns, and twinkle while Brigitte leads us and Shahars amazing voice inspires us.

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Yoga Nidra

Thursday evenings we are opening our doors for an hour and a half of meditation. The thirty minutes, from 7:00-7:30 PM, is a self-guided time, in which you can come or go as you please, we just ask that you be quiet out of respect for your neighbors. Then, from 7:30-8:30 PM, we will be guided through a recorded yoga nidra practice. During yoga nidra, we will lay comfortably on our mats as we are led on a non-movement, full body relaxation experience of "yogi sleep." The goal of this class is to achieve a deep state of calm and peace. Please register online if you plan to stay for yoga nidra.

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