Past Life Regression Workshop

Cost: $125.00

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Sat, June 16 - Sat, June 16

Join us Saturday, June 16th from 9:00 AM - 2:00PM for a Past Life Regression workshop with Eric J. Christopher, MSMFT, CHT.

Do you need clarity and insight about certain people or specific challenges in your life? Is your intuition guiding you to explore how your life is affected by other lives that your soul has lived? Would you like to tap into your own inner wisdom to uncover the next step in your soul’s journey or evolution? Eric has guided over 3,000 past life regressions and written many articles based on his experience. You can find hundreds of five star reviews for his services here:

We are very much looking forward to this time with Eric, who we've had the pleasure of doing one on one work with as well. The first portion of the day will be spent learning about fascinating research and verified case studies that reveal the power of past life regression to heal and awaken you to your divinity and a higher level of consciousness. We'll also talk about some compelling cases that demonstrate the deep healing power of past life regression and the insights and clarity gained from tuning into your soul self. As well as delving into the journey of the soul, and hearing some fascinating examples regarding the soul's journey in-between lives. Question and answer throughout this time will take place and be encouraged - questions will help deepen the discussion and our understanding.

We will take a short break for a light snack and fresh air in the picturesque yard outside the barn, then gather together again to participate in a group-guided past life regression. This will be followed by some time to process and again ask questions or share experiences, if you'd like.

Led By: Eric Christopher

Eric J. Christopher, MSMFT, CHT Eric has 17 years experience in helping people heal and grow through accessing their own higher states of consciousness and inner wisdom. He will be presenting case studies involving past life regression and will help you to journey into your own past life to receive peace, wisdom and clarity from your Higher Self.