Serene Holidays Mini-Retreat

Cost: $45.00

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Sat, Nov. 10 - Sat, Nov. 10

Holidays bring up a lot of feelings for many of us. We may be
missing loved ones, or even wishing we didn’t have to see certain relatives. Expectations can be high, and it’s easy to exhaust yourself trying to make everything nice for others.

How do you feel as the holidays approach? Do you wonder how you will get everything done? Are you reminded of past sorrows or disappointments? Do you wish you could feel calm, centered and present during the holiday season?

Join us for a Serene Holidays Mini-Retreat in the lovely peace of the Yellow Barn. We will take a look at our expectations around holiday time, and explore how our personal core values can serve as a touchstone as we plan and make decisions. What is really important to you? And how can your values guide you day by day through the holidays?

You will leave the mini-retreat with a plan for enjoying the holidays with less stress and more joy. The workshop takes place 9a-12pm on Saturday, November 10th.

Led By: Susan Temple

This workshop is led by life coach Susan Temple. Susan Temple is the mother of five adult daughters, and a former kindergarten teacher. After personally experiencing the power of life coaching as a client, she pursued training to become a Board Certified Life Coach. Now she gets to support others, as they close the gap between where they are in life, and where they want to be.