Kor Teeth Whitening: Unparalleled Treatment With Excellent Results

Body image is so critical for everyone. How you perceive yourself affects your confidence and relations with other people. Most people struggle with the way a certain part of their body looks. But it is worse when that part of the body is impossible to hide. For example, the face and all its parts including the teeth. Discolored teeth can […]

Spring Cleaning Preps Should Not Exclude Your Dental Health

Spring is the perfect time to find out whether your home is in good condition and make the necessary repairs. As the snow thaws and the temperatures rise, even nature seems to come alive again. When you look forward to spring break and spring cleaning, what do you have on your checklist? A home makeover? A roof inspection? Foundation repairs? […]

Understanding The Cause of Tooth Discoloration In Adults

When your teeth become discolored, you are likely to feel very self-conscious. That’s probably because there’s hardly any way to hide your teeth. When you speak, smile or laugh, your teeth are sure to show to some extent. Yet, the most effective approach in dealing with tooth discoloration is to find out the root cause and find out if there […]