Empires And Puzzles Hero Academy Level 8

Obviously this is much more of a food sink than tc11, but it's better xp per recruit, and way, way, way faster. As i already have 5x 4* troops for every color, my only need are feeder troops, not retraining.

Hero Academy Level 10 – Results Reporting – Gameplay Help Tactics – Empires Puzzles Community Forum

It need more than 12 days to finish it.

Empires and puzzles hero academy level 8. Some player reaction has judged the hero. So in my case, i'd run the 5* hero retraining and 2* feeder troops (which doesn't need as much material as the 3*). Do hero academy levels 5 and 8 only produce s1 heroes?

However, for most players, by the time they have played the appx. Of the tavern of legends event. It also provides a chance to level up their special skill.

Posted by 11 months ago. Rana, yunan and roc (with their costume possible for rana and yunan although that would be very rare chance as a 5% bonus roll on top of 5% roll) were in beta and expected in v39. Welcome to my 6th episode of hero retraining with hero academy lvl 10.+ the fastest way to level up your 5* heroes+ a 4* hero troops retrain!don't forget to.

Using red heroes to level another red hero gives 20% more experience than using green heroes to level up a red hero. The hero academy was first announced in december, 2018. This building is added in version 30.

Nature most recruits per energy on the regular map He is hyped there as the secret hero, and now that he's revealed, not so secret any longer! A 1* hero will always be a 1* hero, no matter how high they are leveled and ascended.

Myztero is the empires & puzzles legendary 5* secret hero available in the secret bonus draw. 2 years necessary to level up the hero academy, they probably already have a good assortment of legendary 5* heroes and ha adds. Upgrading a unit costs iron.

Myztero also is the hardest to obtain of all the heroes in. It is available at stronghold 25. The first 7 stages require 3 world energy.

The only way to get myztero is via the tavern summons portal. This means that there is a maximum of 4 houses total that one may have at once. I suspect they are being held out of ha10 until sand empire event.

By tim updated january 24, 2021, 4:21 pm. The official subreddit for the exciting mobile game empires & puzzles. In addition for free to play (ftp) empires & puzzles players, the hero academy might be good, even to level 10 as a chance to get more rare 5* heroes.

Dorkus june 19, 2021, 3:30pm #7. 2749k iron (2753k is max when all storages at max) 5 likes kerpen august 24, 2020, 11:49am Leveling up increases the attack, defense, and health of a hero.

Player experience is gained via map stages and quests. There are 8 levels to each special skill. Looking up the stats for hero academy, it seems level 1 requires 1 recruit, 5k food, and produces a 1* hero.

That must have cost this player a few thousands of gems skipping wait time for. Player level up is a different matter entirely. 20.7k members in the empiresandpuzzles community.

That's 150 xp per recruit, 150 xp per minute, and 30 xp per 1k food. It should be noted that although leveling does make a hero more powerful, it is not possible to convert any hero into a higher tier hero. Discuss tips and strategies, ask questions and make friends with other players around the globe.

Each new level for the house increases the amount of recruits it can store. The final stage is an outpost, which requires 1 raid energy. And not worth the ressources we put in for a) getting the hero academy to max level b) researching c) the mats put in to convert a hero d) the time wasted.

The sand empire heroes won’t be in ha10. Raid energy does not increase with level and currently has a maximum of 6. Houses increase accommodation capacity for recruits.

Common herbs stage 7 is most commonly farmed: The building has 10 levels, and two simultanous usages are allowed from building level 2. When you feed heroes to another hero you also gain a chance to increase the hero’s special skill.

Increasing the special skill of a hero. Ultra september 2, 2020, 5:57pm #6. As you level up your stronghold you gain the ability to build more houses, specifically at levels 5, 11, and 20.

We have now enabled the updated alchemy lab, hero academy, and stronghold level 25. Arcane scripts dagger sharpening stone increased drop chance for: It is only 7 days ago that stronghold level 25 become available.

Season 1, province 8 is called isgilham on the map. The official subreddit for the exciting mobile game empires & puzzles. Upon level up, all energy resources (world energy, raid energy.

For hero academy (10 level) you need max all your storages to full. Hero trainers can be useful if you save the 3* trainers for the final accessions of 5* heroes, since food can get expensive. Your player experience determines your player level, which in turn determines your total world energy, increases the size of your hero roster, and increases your available team cost.

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