Kor Teeth Whitening: Unparalleled Treatment With Excellent Results

Kor Teeth Whitening: Unparalleled Treatment With Excellent Results

Body image is so critical for everyone. How you perceive yourself affects your confidence and relations with other people. Most people struggle with the way a certain part of their body looks. But it is worse when that part of the body is impossible to hide. For example, the face and all its parts including the teeth. Discolored teeth can make you very self-conscious.

Did you know there are some people who even stopped smiling because of tooth discoloration? Well, for such a person, there’s good news. Kor Teeth Whitening is a system that promises to get rid of all your tooth discoloration woes. Read on to learn more about this treatment method.

What it is in a Snapshot…

First of all, it is a professional tooth whitening treatment and not a DIY one you can Google about. The kind of research that went into its preparation sets it apart from all others.

For more than a decade, KöR has been proving that there’s no other whitening formula or technique that can deliver results better than this professional in-office treatment.

Developed by veteran teeth whitening researcher Dr. Rod Kurthy, KöR bleaching delivers dramatic and reliable results, unlike other at-home methods which have significant limitations.

KöR deep bleaching is only available at participating dental practices. The system is a simple one involving custom whitening trays, bleaching gels, and a desensitizing agent. Depending on your treatment preferences or whitening goals, you can use KöR either at home, have it applied by your dentist, or choose a combination of in-office and at-home treatments. Read more at The Teeth Blog

You’re probably curious to find out if the claims made about this unique treatment are true. There are many reports from patients who’ve seen the dramatic results of this treatment. But let’s first look at the pros and cons.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

It would be unrealistic to imagine that anyone would make a decision without first considering the benefits and/or downsides. For the Kor treatment, you stand to have remarkable tooth whitening results, little to no sensitivity and irreversibly white teeth at the end of the procedure. However, what are the cons?


  • You’ll have to see a dentist to be fit for the customized KöR-Seal trays and get the cold-packed whitening gels.
  • Dental crowns, fillings, and veneers don’t respond well to any whitening gel, so your teeth can look more mottled than white if you have them. It’s best to do this treatment before getting any visible dental work done.
  • It’s more expensive than other teeth whitening products.
  • In reviews, some RealSelf members have reported sensitivity for the duration of the KöR whitening process as well as pain when the custom trays were inserted. (However, those reviewers still said their KöR teeth whitening was “Worth It.”) Read more at Real Self

Well, anything of value has a price attached to it, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Perhaps a consultation with your dentist will help clarify the suitability of this treatment to you.

A Permanent Change

Most teeth whitening procedures require follow-up treatment after some months or years. Others will come with recommendations for a change of diet. But with Kor, you don’t have to give up your coffee or red wine due to their teeth staining properties.

This teeth whitening routine is able to achieve these results through a multitude of factors.


KoR whitening is able to penetrate deep into the tooth and restore its ability to absorb bleaching agents like whitening gels and toothpaste. Because of this, stained particles are able to absorb a whiter, bleached color and are ultimately enabled to be restored to their original white pigment.

Stain Resistance

Another factor that makes KoR the best teeth whitening solution is its ability to fight off future stains. It whitens, then protects from common staining factors like coffee, red wine, tea, and more.


Although you won’t have to perform maintenance very often, it is still a crucial aspect of the KoR whitening process. Your family dentist can help you determine the maintenance intervals that will work best with your lifestyle. Read more at Premium Dentistry

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Well, if you find this impressive, then it is the best investment you’ll come across.

At Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne, we offer Kor Teeth Whitening treatment with absolute confidence in surpassing our patients’ expectations. If you’re looking for a dental clinic that can walk with you in your teeth whitening journey, call us today!