Spring Cleaning Preps Should Not Exclude Your Dental Health

Spring Cleaning Preps Should Not Exclude Your Dental Health

Spring is the perfect time to find out whether your home is in good condition and make the necessary repairs. As the snow thaws and the temperatures rise, even nature seems to come alive again. When you look forward to spring break and spring cleaning, what do you have on your checklist? A home makeover? A roof inspection? Foundation repairs? All that is great! However, have you thought about your health? It could also be a good time to check if everything in your body is working well. This post will look at some of the things you can do for oral spring cleaning this year.

Your Toothbrush and Mouthwash

If you’re going to spring clean your teeth, then you need to have the right tools. If not, your oral care attempts may be futile. Here are some common yet often forgotten oral care tips.

1. Replace old or worn toothbrushes

Replace your toothbrush at the start of every season, or every three months. As its bristles wear down, so does the effectiveness of your toothbrush. Even worse, bacteria and infectious agents can thrive among the bristles. Start the season with a fresh brush and be sure to toss it after you’ve had a cold, as well!

2. Check the expiration date on your mouthwash

Yep, even your mouthwash has a shelf life! Using mouthwash past the expiration date can affect its taste as well as its effectiveness. Replenish with a new bottle and swish with confidence. Read more at Delta Dental

When was the last time you checked out the expiry date on any of your dental hygiene products? Go check them out right away.

Try Something New


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Part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the old stuff and bringing in the new. How about trying out something new for your oral care?

Go Electric. If you’ve never used an electric toothbrush before, now may be a great time to switch. Electric toothbrushes can get into hard-to-reach places that normal toothbrushes just can’t get to. Their swirling, up-and-down action may remove more residue than a normal brush.

Go Green. If you want to make a bigger impact on the earth, try a bamboo toothbrush. Both the bristles and the handle are made from plant-based materials that are biodegradable.

Floss. You have a choice between floss picks and regular dental floss. If you have issues with floss fraying or getting stuck in between teeth, we recommend wax-coated floss. Floss picks provide easy ways to control the floss. Regardless of which you choose, flossing can reduce gum disease and promote better oral health. Read more at Northside Dental

The other thing about new stuff is that they get you motivated to try them out. So, if you feel lazy with your oral care, perhaps a new toothbrush or floss will get you motivated.

Seek Medical Advice


It’s true, you may not be too excited about seeing the dentist during winter. But with the warmth of spring, you can book an appointment with your dentist. Don’t wait till you’re in pain to call the dentist.

Spring is also the perfect time to book an annual check-up with your dentist. Many people avoid leaving the house during winter because it is cold outside, but the warmer spring temperatures eradicate that reasoning. An annual check-up with your dentist is essential to stop decay and dental damage in its tracks. Early detection of dental issues is critical if you wish to reverse or repair the damage done. While meeting with your dentist, be sure to mention all dental dramas such as bad breath, sore jaw, tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding. Your dentist needs this information to locate the underlying reason for each of these conditions. Read more at Magic Fitz

You’re better off with a clean bill of oral health than guessing or hoping that your teeth are okay.

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